Friday, March 27, 2009

First Real Post

...and I'm going to spend it torturing myself with wishful thinking (and lots of purty pictures).

I love Oregon. I miss it. Someday I'll live there again, near the Columbia River Gorge, fifty miles northeast of Portland,  in a small corner of heaven known as the Hood River Valley. 

This is Mt. Hood, one of the highest peaks of the Cascades. She's my mountain.

But most of the time she likes to hide, like this.

This is Washington State's Mt. Adams, 
the other peak visible from the valley.

This is the woodsy-watery-ness that makes Oregon awesome.

This what autumn (my favorite season) 
looks like in the Hood River Valley.

And this is what spring (a very worthy season, too) looks like.

These are the delicious crops grown in the Hood River Valley.

This is the sort of house my friends and I will live in, commune-style, 
when we move together to the Hood River Valley.

The End.