Ahoy there, stranger friend.

I am an unemployed artsy type gal with four eyes and two degrees in English.

Portland, Oregon, USofA is my home. I write, cook, sing, drawpaint, and try to keep some sort of blogular record of these doings. Also I am way into random things like fishing, feminism, interior design, and dogs. And I watch more film and teevee than is probably altogether advisable.

I prefer Eliot to Whitman, Picasso to Matisse, McCartney to Lennon, and cake to pie -- though please note that I do love all of those second things, too. False dichotomies are the worst.

This blog is very much in-progress; I'm working on figuring out what it wants to be and how to make it that. Hope you find some enjoyment here, and thanks for stopping by!

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