Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well, it's done. I am no longer a BYU-Idaho student (and yes, that punctuation is correct; in the past three years The Powers That Be have changed the university title adjoiner from the em dash to the en dash to the lowly hyphen).

Weird. But cool. (Being a graduate. Not the punctuation demotion.)

The commencement and convocation ceremonies were very nice, though the latter didn't end until 9:30 PM, by which time I was so tired and overstimulated that I had a very difficult time handling the sudden intersection of so many divergent aspects of my life -- my dad, stepmom, siblings, and grandmother, Rexburg itself, Brother Samuelson, Liz and Jacob, and Gary Benson -- there in the stuffy foyer of the Kirkham building in that stupid hat that kept falling off with every hug and photoshoot attempt.

Ah well. Afterward Dad bought me a huckleberry shake from Arctic Circle, which helped. Then they dropped me off and I sobbed hysterically into my pillow for twenty minutes and fell asleep all crusty-eyed. Which also helped.

I guess I'll go to England now.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Packin' Pasta

sauteed onions, mushrooms, kale
brown rice pasta and white beans
tomatoes stewed with garlic and herbs
chopped sardines

Tater Salad

red potatoes, quartered and boiled, salted and sprinkled with vinegar while hot
onion rings and mushrooms, roasted with olive oil, herbs, and salt
peas and celery

mayonnaise and cream cheese
mustard and horseradish
roasted garlic, minced
lemon zest and juice
pepper trio (black, white, cayenne)
fresh parsley and salt

soft-boiled eggs
salt and pepper