Saturday, June 23, 2012


How come I can't comment on other blogs sometimes? I click on "comments" and look, there are the comments and the little personalized "please comment" witticism -- but no text box or garbled word or "post comment" button. I don't get it. Do I need to sacrifice a modem to the Gods of Internet or something?

I'm trying to be a good citizen in the blogging community, I swear! Allison, I think the present tense in novels comes off gimmicky 90% of the time! Sierra, you should start a whole "Policing Pinterest Recipes" series -- it'd be rad! James, I say goofy nature crap too and think "Dexter McChest" is a hilarious character name! Shanelle, I'm really glad you're married! Sorry, guys!


So here, have a picture of a Golden Retriever cuddling baby bunnies.

And this picture of chocolate cake.

And this painting by Schiele.

Unrelated true story: The other day I was taking the Metropolitan Area Express Train (Max for short) downtown and it made me think fondly of all our train rides in jolly old England. So I nearly texted the following to Kathleen: "On Max, thinking of England." Which, if you're familiar with certain euphemistic phrases, is very funny. At the last second I foresaw great awkwardness and changed up the grammar accordingly. Phew! Crisis averted! (Because Kathleen would definitely have been so totally offended.)

And then I blogged about it.


Megs said...

Love your text. It made me laugh out loud.

Naomi said...

Pahahahahahahaha I've been thinking about and in fact talking about you for two days. In relation to your curry that is. And goodness me you are hot and I love you.

Carrie Lynn said...

I love you. The best part of this post is that you ended it saying "so totally"

Jaggers Brain said...

Annieface you are one of my most favorite people ever! This post, plus a voicemail from Kathleen that ended with "Cheer... Byebye" has made my month!


Annie McNeil said...

Love you guys.

Naomi, I still don't understand your sneaky blog. I think I need yet another email invite. Or whatever it is you do.

Annie McNeil said...

Oh and also, I figured out how to get around the weird comment thing.

Sierra Penrod said...

Annie, this is a brilliant idea, but I find my interest in Pinterest (sounded too cool, I had to write it) wanes when I find other preoccupations more interesting. However, this might be a good idea if I had multiple contributors to pick up my slack... and also if I was 100% certain it wasn't user error on my part and more so a problem with the recipe (It's usually not the recipe).