Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HOUSE funny

After a disappointing premier and second episode, season 6 of HOUSE seems to be back on track. The last three eps have been great, and next week's installment looks awesome, too. Anyway, here is the grumbling exchange Liz and I had with Hugh Laurie's televised image last night.

Annie: Aw, put your glasses back on.
Liz: And grow your hair out.
Annie: And take off your shirt.

I was reminded of GOB's office-closet encounter with Kitty in Arrested Development. Apparently Liz and I are pigs who like to control and objectify the men in our lives. (Watch out, Jacob.)


A said...

You know how there were three young doctors (interns?) with House as he was trying to pass off his hours? I went to elementary and middle school with the asian one! Marcus Toji.

I can't believe you didn't like the premier! I loved it--nice change of pace instead of the same old same old. And I'm so glad the old team is back--so much better. Although I'm afraid they're gonna ruin Chase's life and possibly write him out of the show.

Liz-a-nator said...

We're so funny. =)

Annie McNeil said...

LOL! Allison, you know EVERYBODY!

I didn't care for the premier as a whole because I felt the plot/dialogue was SOOOOOOOOOOO predictable, and the little "sparks of originality" they put in to liven it up just fell flat to me (except for the romance with the cellist, which I liked, though I knew right off the bat that she was nowhere NEAR "hot" enough to merit a continuing role on the show, which just... irritated me). And there were dumb plot holes.

BUT, I love Andre Braugher, and I'm glad House is getting better, and the Hugh's acting was superb, as usual.

And YES, I'm delighted the old team is back. Forty billion times better. I really hope they don't write Chase off. He's my favorite, and, IMO, the best actor (both dramatically and commically) and the most interesting character.

Annie McNeil said...

P.S. I love how with the old team, they can write in a CHASE MURDERS A PATIENT subplot and the focus STILL stays on House and the medicine. Every time 13 had a hangnail, it totally derailed and upstaged the rest of the episode. I dunno if that's down to the actors, the writers, the directors, or all three -- I suspect it's because the writers can trust Jesse Spencer to communicate sufficient turmoil without making the whole episode about him. DANG it's nice to have this show back on form.