Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well, it's finally snowing.

And though I'm sad to see autumn go, I'm grateful that it lasted as long as it did. I walked to WalMart and back on Friday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. That's pretty amazing. For Rexburg.

Saw Julie and Julia last night with Liz and her mom, and adored it. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci are absolutely delightful. And the food -- ! I'm totally revved for Thanksgiving. It's Epicake Time.

Speaking of gratitude and Liz, I want to express how much of the former I feel for and toward the latter. I so admire her gentleness, brilliance, and generosity. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Liz-a-nator said...

Ditto ditto and thank you, dear! Loves.